Humanitarian Project Award

New World Medical Project Award


Dedicated to Supporting Medical Missions
To promote global ophthalmic surgery excellence, the New World Medical Humanitarian Project Award provides $50,000 in funding each year to non-profit or academic institutions providing ophthalmic care and training in developing health systems. The selection committee will determine the award winner(s) based on the organization’s potential to enhance global ophthalmic care.

Applicant Criteria:

  • Non-profit or academic institution.
  • Have scheduled a humanitarian trip(s) over the next 12 months that incorporates surgical training of local ophthalmologists.

Application Instructions:

  • Email the following materials to
    • Overview of Organization/Institution
    • List of prior Humanitarian Trips, including date, location, number of participants, number of patients treated, number local surgeons trained, and number/type of procedures performed.
    • Project proposal that contains the following sections:
      • Project rationale.
      • Project management (a brief description of the mission timeframe and work-plan. Include details on project implementation and monitoring arrangements, and explain how these ensure a cost-effective and efficient attainment of the mission goals.)
      • Project cost and budget justification.
  • Application Deadline: Last day of January of each calendar year.
  • You will receive an email notification within 10 business days of completing your application indicating that your submission is COMPLETE.