Kahook Dual Blade®

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With Kahook Dual Blade®,

New World Medical is the Leader in Excisional Goniotomy.

Why Is Kahook Dual Blade® Preferred?

With its patented ramp and dual blades, the Kahook Dual Blade® cleanly excises trabecular meshwork (TM).

Ramp: Lifts and stretches the TM

Dual Blades: Create parallel incisions in the TM

The footplate of the blade is designed to fit within Schlemm's canal.

Schlemm’s canal width ≈ 248 microns a

Kahook Dual Blade® footplate width = 230 micronsb

3 techniques for performing goniotomy with Kahook Dual Blade®.

Goniotomy using the mark-and-meet technique.

More Possibilities

Kahook Dual Blade®’s unique design allows you to perform a goniotomy:

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Greater Peace of Mind

The Kahook Dual Blade® gives you peace of mind by allowing you to perform a goniotomy in a cost-effective way with an established and proven CPT® code.

Goniotomy Procedure Code
CPT Code



Ophthalmic surgical procedure to incise and partially remove trabecular meshwork to create an opening into Schlemm’s canal by way of the anterior chamber angle. It is performed under direct visualization using a goniolens.

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