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New World Medical Launches Ahmed ClearPath Glaucoma Drainage Device

By August 22, 2019December 9th, 2020No Comments

New World Medical, Inc., a privately held ophthalmic company dedicated to developing innovative medical devices for the treatment of glaucoma, announced the launch of the Ahmed® ClearPath™ glaucoma drainage device. Developed in close partnership with glaucoma surgeons, the Ahmed ClearPath is the newest addition to the company’s trusted Ahmed® brand of drainage devices.

“With the launch of the Ahmed ClearPath, we are excited to offer glaucoma patients another treatment option while making tube shunt surgery more convenient and efficient for surgeons,” said Bilal Khan, President of New World Medical. “We feel strongly that with every addition to New World Medical’s Ahmed brand, we are bringing effective glaucoma treatments to more patients to help preserve their sight.”

The Ahmed ClearPath is available in two sizes, 350 mm2 and 250 mm2. Designed with convenience in mind, the two sizes address some of the surgeon’s toughest challenges in tube shunt surgery, a procedure that lowers the pressure inside the eye for refractory glaucoma. One unique feature of the Ahmed ClearPath implant is a flexible plate with a contour that closely conforms to the curvature of the eye. In addition, the suture fixation points are positioned more anteriorly on the device compared to other valveless drainage devices. By making the suture points more visible and accessible, the surgeon may find securing this implant to the eye more convenient. The model 350 plate surface is positioned more posteriorly to avoid muscle attachment points, while the model 250 is designed to be a true-single quadrant implant that fits between the muscles. Finally, the device comes with an optional pre-threaded ripcord and a 23-GA needle.

Alyson L. Hall, MD, of The Glaucoma Center in Annapolis, Maryland, explained, “The range and quality of surgical options available today are strengthening the fight against glaucoma, the world’s leading cause of permanent blindness. We usually perform tube shunt surgery in patients whose glaucoma is not controlled by medications and who may have had previous surgeries. These are complex cases, so we welcome how the elegance of the Ahmed ClearPath design streamlines the procedure. When we suture in this implant, we can see what we’re doing and work more easily than we can with other implants, and I think that ultimately will improve the outcomes of tube shunt surgery.”

Ahmed ClearPath will be commercially available for purchase in the United States beginning August 22, 2019. Please contact your local New World Medical Sales Consultant or visit us at for more information and to place an order.

About New World Medical

New World Medical was founded by Dr. A. Mateen Ahmed, who was determined to develop, manufacture, and market cutting-edge medical devices to alleviate ophthalmic ailments globally. New World Medical’s mission is to preserve and enhance vision by delivering innovations to benefit humanity and achieves this through partnerships with surgeons and eye care professionals who are dedicated to alleviating the burden of blindness around the globe. The company’s product portfolio includes its flagship devices, the market-leading glaucoma drainage device, the Ahmed Glaucoma Valve, the Kahook Dual Blade which is used for goniotomy procedures to excise trabecular meshwork via an ab interno approach, and its newest addition, the Ahmed ClearPath glaucoma drainage device. To learn more about the unique mission of New World Medical or their innovative product line, please visit